Wilde Rose e.V

The owner of the hotel is Ambrosia Ltd., Munich with support from Wilde Rose e.V. Interkulturelles Jugendnetzwerk im Bund Deutscher Pfadfinder_innen (BDP) [intercultural youth network within the Association of German Scouts].

„Wilde Rose“ aims for the education of young people regardless of their background. Doing so, we especially focus on the promotion of self-dependence, raising a democratical and ecological awareness and the equality of both genders.

The ideas of inclusion, tolerance and anti-discrimination are practised in common leisure activities and projects. Here intercultural meetings and cultural activities like singing, music, theatre, dance, and hiking trips offer possibilities to test and live a common and peaceful togetherness.

Everyone is welcome to participate actively in „Wilde Rose“, no matter what ideology or background. But, there is a red line for racist or fascist behaviors and attitudes.